003 – Emotional Wounds and Creativity

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Emotional Wounds Alter our Creative Abilities and Usually Hinder Productivity…

Creativity Tips: Just try something new.  To do this better we must look at failure differently, most people are so utterly afraid of failing that they won’t try anything new. We have much inside to access, try something new that you’ve been afraid to do.

Creativity Foundations: “Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted.”

Deal with the wounds that hold you back, face your pains, your sorrows and your abuses. Facing these, “mourning” is a powerful healing process.

We can apply this to a corporate setting, if there is an abusive or unfair culture or behavior-set that exists in your team, this will cap the performance of most of the team members, as with individuals, this will hinder creativity and productivity.  Only leaders can bring change, bring healing and stop the “injuries” happening in the culture.

Creativity Thoughts: Emotional wounds and creativity

Creativity needs freedom to thrive

“create a culture that liberates passion and frees up creativity.”- Lina Echeveria

Check out the Emotional First Aid with Dr. Guy Winch video

Also check out Episode 42 of Lewis Howes’ podcast on this emotional wounds topic.


Effects of failure:

  • Failures can distort our perception of our goals.
  • Failure changes perception of our abilities.

Guilt makes us adopt self punishment and prevents us from enjoying life.

Rejection even hurts when we hate the rejectors and when we know its not even real. The same pathways in brain light up the same for rejection with physical pain.

We are wired to feel pain of rejection strongly to protect us. Rejection are the cuts and scrapes of daily life. To heal rejection we need to revive our self-worth

Loneliness – 40% of adults experience loneliness, it damages us psychologically, loneliness puts us at risk for altzeimers and flu. Risk factors of loneliness can shave years of our lives just like cigarettes.  Loneliness is like muscle atrophy.

Announcements: Looking for feedback for my creativity e-course before it is finalized, the course is 90% written, video taping will begin soon.  The course is intended to help the student discover and unleash their unique creative abilities in order to change careers, start a new business or start a hobbby.  If you are interested and or willing to give me feedback and/or criticism about this course please comment below or send me a quick email at collierak@me.com.

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