Today’s Few Words



I love words, they have power in this world, books, e-books, blog posts, podcast episodes, speeches, research reports, patents,  these are all just words, words which record and inspire human creativity.

What about you? What will you do with your words today? You decide, will you use them to create or to destroy? Will you discourage or will you inspire?

Everyday Creations

Sometimes the duties of everyday life I just don’t want to do. Sometimes I just want to create things like blog posts or manuscripts, or podcasts or friendships or sermons or optical combiners or light diffusing fibers or science lessons or parenting courses.

I admit it sometimes I just don’t want to supervise the kids, I don’t want to break up their bickering, I don’t want to train and discipline them, I don’t want to teach them manners or how to ride a bike and tie a shoe and catch a football or read words or subtract numbers..

Sometimes I just want to create things alone in my office for extended periods of time. Then I remember that the things I am creating in my kids will last much further than the things I create on my site or on my computer or at work or among my friends. I remember I am always creating, creating in my kids and creating on my site, creating discipline, creating skills, duplicating wisdom with words, with love and with much effort every day.

The monotony of every day life is becoming one of my best creations!

Always creating, always teaching, always forming and duplicating good things, never forget that we were created to be creators.

Start Creating With a Routine

wake up1

For those of us who are beginning to create anything to get started there is one thing that is essential. Routine Routine is the single most important thing to train your mind to focus mental horsepower on things that really matter.  Without a routine our minds will bounce around and dwell on things that do not matter. Parkinson’s law [...]

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Quick Decisions About Who To Spend Time With

Not too long ago I realized the importance of supporting other people.  At the same time I realized how I had been (and had not been) supported in my own life. Supporting other  people can mean different things to different people, to many support means encouraging people in fulfilling dreams and goals, to others it means simply not tearing them down.  [...]

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Secrets to Accelerating Learning Curves

This is part 2 of the Lagging Learning Curve Content, read part 1 here Corporate learning curves are a complicated and sometimes confusing mechanism of corporate innovation. Multitudes of smart employees do not necessarily translate into effective innovations or prosperous companies. Every innovation based organization can accelerate their corporate learning curve  by implementing the following [...]

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The Lagging Learning Curves


  It takes time to teach people, it takes time for knowledge to spread around a culture. Knowledge sometimes can not penetrate business cultures readily. Some people learn slower than do others, decision makers are not as brilliant as all team members in every area of life. Working in R&D I am constantly reminded and [...]

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004 – The Four Creativity Languages [podcast]

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Podcast: Play in new window | Download We were created to be creators! and we are gifted in different ways to create. There are at least four creativity “languages” seen in people, Adam explains these languages in this episode.

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