002-Three Creativity Principles Learned from High Tech Innovation [podcast]

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In this episode Adam discusses lessons learned from writing and publishing his first e-book, support and encouragement for creative people and three valuable principles from technology innovation that can be applied to personal creativity.


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Creating this e-book was a learning process for me

Creativity Tip of the Week:

We must set out to create things in order to develop our creativity then we hone and learn as we go. I want to share six valuable lessons that I learned by writing my first e-book:

  1. Write the content first, edit it THEN insert into an e-book template. I got this order wrong and it cost me time and hassle.
  2. Always get the opinion of both editors and industry experts during the edit phase of the book.
  3. CreateSpace is a power and inexpensive tool for publishing books. I absolutely plan to use this service again and recommend you do the same.
  4. Be careful on Fiverr, take the time to research the people that you hire, I hired a logo person to make an info-graphic and wasted money and time.
  5. I learned practical tools like amazon links, Facebook ads, text widgets on WordPress, and how to write headlines that get clicks.
  6. Be prepared to budget your time, hours and hours. Up at 5 am was the only way I could have written this book. It was a very time-consuming project.

Creativity Foundations

Be very careful who you allow to support or encourage you.  Do not expect people who are not known for their supportive or encouraging nature to support or encourage you.  If you need the support and encouragement of others then intentionally surround yourself with that type of people.  Even if you need to hire or enter a quality mastermind group.

Also, be willing to support and encourage the creativity in others, you will reap the rewards if you do this.

Creativity Thoughts

High tech R&D and technology innovation teams are large-scale industrialized versions human creativity.  It is a creative process and there are many principles that can be applied to personal creativity, such as:

  • Optimism – paves the way for creativity
  • Teaching Yourself – one of the most important skills of adulthood.
  • Collaboration – collaboration makes us better and faster creators both corporate and individually.

We should view science as not the unquestionable opinion of academics but as one of the most productive and effective forms of human creativity.

“tap the source of intuitive wisdom and follow the trail that inexplicable knowing that you cannot logically explain…”Lina Echeveria

What principle optimism, self-teaching or collaboration is the most critical to human creativity?

Collaborate… even if you have a hard time with trust !

work together


Collaboration is one of those must-do skills for a successful career especially within corporate life. No matter how intelligent or experienced we are, groups of professionals working together are smarter and more productive than the same individuals working separate.  If we can build relationships and learn to help one another our careers will accelerate, our companies will reach goals faster and our time spent at work will be more enjoyable.  Patrick Lencioni talks often about a smart company vs. a healthy company.  A smart company is skilled at all the decision sciences such as technology, finance, marketing and strategy, 95% of time these decision sciences get the focus of leadership.  A healthy company however, is one with minimal politics, minimal confusion, high morale, high productivity and low turnover among good employees. Continue reading…

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