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004 – The Four Creativity Languages [podcast]

Podcast: Play in new window | Download We were created to be creators! and we are gifted in different ways to create. There are at least four creativity “languages” seen in people, Adam explains these languages in this episode.

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003 – Emotional Wounds and Creativity

Podcast: Play in new window | Download Emotional Wounds Alter our Creative Abilities and Usually Hinder Productivity… Creativity Tips: Just try something new.  To do this better we must look at failure differently, most people are so utterly afraid of failing that they won’t try anything new. We have much inside to access, try something new that you’ve […]

Creating with Create Space




Creating books is now easier than ever. No longer do we need to convince a publisher that our books are worthy, with some time and a little money and we can create an amazing book to sell to our audience. Amazon has a system that takes authors through the publishing process, this system is called Create Space. If you are able to write you should consider writing a book.   I believe that everyone should consider writing a book.

  1. Writing is the ultimate exercise in creating something from nothing, and creating begins to speak to your purpose
  2. Your writing helps other people, through education, entertainment or sharing nuggets of wisdom, what you have others need, a book may be your only method to ever share that part of you.
  3. Writing helps you to sort out your thoughts, someone once said that our thoughts untangle themselves through the pen and paper.  There is a blessing that comes to the author as she writes out her book or post.

My mother understands the joy and power of writing books, she is good at it and has been doing it for years, she has sold an impressive amount of books and articles without a blog or author platform. Her latest book and the first one created using CreateSpace is now available just in time for the holiday season.

A Heart Felt Christmas by Christine Collier, is a Christian romance with humor and a touch of mystery has been published through CreateSpace just in time for Christmas and is a great read.



No matter what your topic is or your style of writing consider writing your own book, the first one will be a big project, mine has been going on for several years now but it works itself out as I sit down to write.

What book is inside of you waiting to get written?

A Type of Creativity That Few Will Acknowledge



A friend recently was amazed how easily that I solved a problem, he was amazed that he didn’t think of it years ago, he had been engineering and inventing around a certain technology for decades, his knowledge is impeccable on the topic.  He had explored and thought and pored over a problem for years.  To compare us intelligently on the topic is laughable.

I came in with total ignorance, completely unfamiliar with the problem.  I didn’t know the rules, I didn’t know the restrictions, I didn’t know how it had been done for decades so it was very easy for me to see the obvious problem and therefore the obvious solution.

Glaring me in the face was key to the solution and I casually solved it not fully understanding what I had done.

Sometimes the most stubborn problems are solved with a fresh, and ignorant set of eyes.

Ignorance is not necessarily a weakness, in creativity sometimes ignorance is a strength because you’re not chained down with the excessive knowledge of rules or perceived restrictions.

There are two types of creativity, intelligence-based, knowing every detail, every angle, every boundary and all the history. But there is also ignorance-based creativity with fresh eyes that are too naïve to know that “I couldn’t solve the problem that way.”

Those who have all their eggs in intelligence and experience and knowledge baskets don’t always like to acknowledge the strength of ignorance-based creativity but it is powerful and useful.

Turning Your Working Teams into Creative Mobs


      Creative people are all over the place.  Most people are able to create but when they team up things get ‘complicated’ and  problems can arise. Organizations with teams of creative people are not always able to create up to their potential.  Competition, incompetent leadership, low morale, office politics all can work against the […]

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