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When we really understand Jesus Christ



We may never full understand Jesus Christ but I think there is GREAT room for improvement in this area (myself included).  When we understand Jesus Christ we realize that nothing happens by accident. If we don’t understand him we won’t believe in who he really is. When we don’t understand and know him well, this life and this world entirely makes no sense. He lives outside time and outside this universe, He not only “has got the world in his hands” but he holds every atom together in this universe (read Col 1). He is that unknown “God particle” that some scientists are searching for.

He is the one who decided to create us in his image for specific reasons. He is the one who decided to come down and bail us out before he ever even created us.  He first created the laws of physics of the universe then he used them to create this planet and this universe (read proverbs 8).

He is the one suffering on this earth, he is the one getting ripped to pieces in the wombs and decapitated on the beaches of Libya. He is the one being enslaved and oppressed at the hands of women hating tyrants. We (suffering mankind) participate in his suffering, technically… spiritually it is not even our own suffering when we’re persecuted it is his suffering.  (read Acts 9 and Philippians 3)

He holds the title-deed to earth and to human life.

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Three Traits of Creative People

I’ve observed in successful scientists, in myself and in highly productive authors, I’m talking about the type of authors who have consistently produced high quality books for years. Anyone can become more creative by making sure they possess the following three traits.

    1. A master of knowledge, in general the more knowledge the better. It is easier to be creative, to invent and to build processes around subjects we have a lot of knowledge in, knowledge; whether gained by experience or by formal education can be a tremendous boost to human creativity. This mastery of knowledge makes humans unique, the ability to store and re-use knowledge gives us the unique ability to be creative and I belive is a clue as to the meaning of human life
    2. Humility is often in opposition to the mastery of knowledge in most people and therefore is difficult to maintain. Those who lack humility often allow their intelligence to take them into a very pessimistic place. They assume they know more than they do and overtime this is a major creativity destroyer. I’ve seen this in action with dozens of brilliant scientists and academics.       Our lack of humility makes our great intelligence almost useless, this is seen in refusing to collaborate and making bad assumptions about what we think we know.
    1. An optimistic mindset is seen in trying new things and in acknowledging we don’t know everything. Learning can happen by experience faster and often more thoroughly then by theorizing. Optimism creates the environment for the mastery of more learning, more knowledge and therefore more creativity.

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If you want to be more creative or make the teams you manage more creative start first with these three traits. Here is a great example of scientist and engineer creativity and innovation at Corning Inc.

What other traits have you observed in highly creative people?

Waves & Winds of Doctrines


  Hurricanes destroy things with their extreme winds, storm surge and relentless waves, not many things can stand in their path without destruction. Hurricane Katrina in 2005 was an example of extreme destruction and death by hurricane.  More than 1,800 people lost their lives in this hurricane as it smashed into New Orleans, a direct […]

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