Why Authoritarianism is for Amatures

Here is a great depiction of the difference between leadership and authoritarianism from the 1995 movie Braveheart.   

Authority relies on identity, on human greatness, on giving orders, on being better, on being ‘noble’.

Whereas leadership is an ability, a gift and it cares not who you are or who you are not, it cares not about titles or popularity.

Leadership sees things very clearly.

Authority often cannot see clearly, it is distracted by self-preservation and maintaining wealth and portraying image.

Authoritarianism is for amatures; it is not a organizing system cut out for accomplishing the important and weighty things of life. Perhaps this is why Jesus taught against the use of authoritarianism among his disciples and within his church. What the church of Jesus Christ is, is in compatible with authoritarianism.

But Jesus called them to Himself and said, “You know that the rulers of the Gentiles  lord it over them, and their great men exercise authority over them, it is not this way among you, but whoever wishes to become great among you shall be your servant. – Matthew 20:25-26 NASB

I have found that one of the most important skills in life is not confusing the two. Do not put much credibility in an authoritarian pretending to be a leader.

Happy New Year 2017 and thank you for reading this blog!

Your Unique Ministry Contribution

I believe that all of us who have the life of Christ within have a unique spiritual contribution to make to other Christians and to the world. This is our ministry and it contributes to the ministry of the church in the earth.

It seems important that we not waste our time and our lives writing other people’s stories, wishing we had her contribution or his, or concluding we don’t have one at all based on our set of natural gifts. Don’t confuse your personality or natural gifting (or lack thereof) with spiritual gifts.

Jesus Christ has been distributed to us through His Spirit, Jesus Christ has become to us a life-giving spirit.

We are to learn to quiet ourselves, so that we can watch and hear what Jesus is doing through us, what he is doing in our here and now, touching the people only we can touch, this can look like loud proclamation or slow revelation of him to just one or two.

Once we see and recognize his life in us it becomes about simple surrender, about laying down our lives to what the Lord is doing through us.

This is the ministry philosophy, method and technique that Jesus himself displayed, taught and set up for us.

Not what we think we should do out of duty or guilt. And it’s not what we’ve always done for generations or what we can do out of our brilliance or strength of discipline. We don’t need to copy or give ourselves to someone else’s vision because we don’t have one or because we never did.

We partner and fellowship and listen for the Lord then ministry flows naturally out of that fellowship.  The Lord is working and ministering and is active all over the earth in different ways, he wants to work in the earth by occupying and dwelling within his people.  He calls us “his body”, and bodies are directed, every single member of a body, by the head, not by one another.

We do what we see him doing! and if we don’t see him “doing” we seek him diligently and we wait until we have eyes to see him and ears to hear him before we do. Anything else quickly becomes a distraction from the Lord and from his life within us.

2016 was a great year in many ways, I pray that 2017 be great for you!

– Adam Collier

Jesus Christ IS Salvation

Do you realize that Jesus said that the Old Testament was about him? Think about that for a moment. It is found in Luke 24:27, 32?  He taught this to his disciples after his resurrection giving the early church the key which unlocks all of scripture. Jesus Christ himself is the key to interpreting the Old Testament, he […]

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